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Chow down the memory lane 

Karmakamet Conveyance in Bangkok serves up nostalgia, distant memories and powerful emotions along with its boundary-defying dishes 

Often times, a creatively crafted dish aims to communicate, whether to convey its story and significance of the ingredients or the chef’s techniques, to the diner. But at Karmakamet Conveyance, a fine dining venue in Bangkok’s hip Thong Lo neighborhood, the culinary creations are created to stir up your mind and send you down a personal memory lane.

Whimsical, fluid and label-defying, the singularly named dishes like “Wealth”, “Motion” and “Street” are products of Executive Chef Jutamas “Som” Thientae’s itinerate journey fused meticulous preparation techniques and premium ingredients. The chef’s love for travel and powerful storytelling subtly translate into her gastronomic conception that appeals to many gourmands’ wanderlust. Chef Som’s memory of “Street”, which alludes to a dish of fiery-hot Southern Thai curry with contemporary twists, could conjure a completely different imagery of a street in your perception and trigger dispersed memories that slowly come together into your mind’s eyes. 

The venue is almost like a dreamscape, with crisp white palette of the interior and gold accent, lending a stark contrast to its own lofty, cemented façade and messy electric wires out front. The 12-course dinner set, with optional champagne pairing, is filled with dots to be connected, stories to unfold and times to revisit. Follow along and let your mind wander. Some dishes are peculiar with strangely familiar elements while others may seem too far away to grasp but do keep an open mind and complete the journey. You may find yourself in a different space and time, moving into a new and refreshing experience.