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Safe Travel Trends 2021

Travel will become possible soon and your dream trip will begin again under the new travel trend 2021.


Because of COVID-19, borders closed, people were forced to stay home and had to cancel their travel plans that they were excited for. As the spread of COVID-19 has continued and caused more uncertainty for travel, so why don’t you start planning domestic trip as it become possible now under workcation and staycation deal that offered by local hotels where you can enjoy and re-energize while stay in a safe environment.   



Discover all-inclusive vacation

Workcation is this year's biggest travel trend, where business and leisure meet, great opportunity to work and enjoy the benefits of both new workplace and travel activities. You can have a very private stay in luxury private pool villa, some hotels offer airport limousine pick-up service, arrange private jet that take you to beautiful island, even exclusive dining experience by personal chef. Good for quick gateway close to your home and social distancing travel since they provided everything you need.


Workcation and Staycation 

Covid crisis made the travel trend completely changed, workcation and staycation are new holiday concept and could be a great plan for you right now. It has become a growing trend with people wanting to take their vacations within the safety and comfort in their own cities. Many luxury hotels in Bangkok are catering to these needs of travelers and are offering attractive packages that are especially crafted for working professionals and families alike. It helps you maintain work routines and little bit of vacation vibe while experience luxurious living and safe surroundings.


A much-needed vacation

One thing we do know, however, is that this Covid-19 situation is not forever. Some people have already started planning their next vacation in their own town or nearby cities even if travel and tourism will be changed and limited under safety protocols and so many rules. The new normal has changed to driving rather than flying, and an increase in the use of personal service. Traveler will be far more concerned about health, safety, and security. Time to get back to traveling and embrace the new normal!

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