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Luxurious stay in Glamping style

Words cannot describe the amazing experience of glamping! Imagine a place where you are wake up and take a sip from your cup of coffee while surrounded by pristine green scenery with a stunning view of elephants in their protected habitats. You don’t need to sacrifice luxury for this experience. Traditional camping is a thing of the past as glamping is far more comfortable with beautifully designed living spaces, comfy beds, and upscale dining. Glamping provides many of the comforts of a hotel but brings you to places hotels and resorts can not.


Photo credits: Jungle Bubble - Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort

Glamping is far more comfortable and convenient than traditional camping and is growing in popularity in recent  years.  A portmanteau of Glamorous and Camping, glamping allows visitors a more intimate experience with nature without forgoing the 5-star accommodations.


Photo credits: Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, Thailand

Glamping is the answer for those seeking to connect with nature while also enjoying luxury amenities. Imagine being surrounded by trees under the clear blue sky while appreciating luxurious private restroom, hot shower, AC, comfy bed, modern living room, and exclusive dining. Some lodgings arrange private outdoor cinemas!


Photos credit: 9 Hornbills

The different types of glamping accommodation include well-designed tents, tree house, dome style and tipi. Due to its surging popularity, thousands of glamping accommodations have popped up around the world including Thailand. Whether in Eastern, Northern or even with the sea view, there are plenty of glamping places out there await you.


Photos credit: Kapuhala Koh Samui

Nature tourism is the main attraction of glamping. It is designed to use well-chosen features like silk bed sheet, teak furniture, providing a private room with uninterrupted view, flat-screen TVs with quality sounds system, comfortable king bed, premium wine cellar, even chefs and personal butler available 24/7. The Glamping vibe will utterly make you fall in love with it and forget all about the city lights.

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