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Travel essentials in times of New Normal 

COVID-19 is an intimidating global health threat, but you can protect yourself easily with a few simple tools. These travel essentials in your carry-on can go a long way in keeping you safe while travelling in the times of pandemic 

Face masks and face shields

These accessories truly are the trademark of the pandemic era! Make sure you have the variations of the them for different occasions – the light, breathable fabric one for a long plane ride, the heavy-duty N95 for when you’re mingling in crowded places or the elaborately designed (and functional) one for social events. Always carry a simple spare on you in case of emergency. 

Disinfectant wipes 

Get those that come individually packed. They’re easy and convenient to use, and you don’t have to worry about extra liquid you have to carry around. Use them to clean your own hands and any surface you have to come into contact with. Keep a handful in your bag and you’ll never have to worry about avoiding dirty surface areas. 

Disinfectant spray

It comes in handy when you want to clean larger areas, such as the shell and the wheels of your suitcase, the armchair you’re about to sit on, the door knob or even the sole of your shoes before stepping into your hotel room. Get one that does not destroy surfaces, other wise you’d end up with discolored luggage or shoes! Carry it in a small spray bottle in your luggage for anytime use. 


As of now air travel regulations have not yet concluded if passengers are required to wear gloves, but it is best to be prepared. Keep a pair that’s durable, reusable and comfortable to your liking for when an unexpected occasion arises. If the ladies and gents in the Victorian age beat virus pandemic in the 19th century by wearing gloves, we might as well try! 

Contactless gadgets

There are so many tools and devices available now that help you stay contactless from literally anything. Elevator button pushing and disinfecting tool, doorknob grabber or alcohol-tipped pointer and so many more gizmos can make traveler’s lives safer and more convenient.


Portable charge

Surely, you don’t want your smartphone to run out of juice when posting pictures on Instagram. But you will also need your phone now more than ever in this no-contact New Normal, from boarding a plane, booking a ride, reviewing itineraries, managing your hotel booking, making online payment and checking in on COVID-19 tracking and tracing platforms. Be ready and stay charged.