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Delightful Malacca 

The harmonious life of the people of Malacca makes this colorful town Malaysia’s most culturally rich destination filled charming remnants of its colonial past 

Picture a small, idyllic coastal town with of stunning colonial architecture of bright, vivid colors as backdrop, and you’ll get the feel of what Malacca is like. Only 150 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, you’ll find yourself marveling at an eclectic mix of cultures in one place. Malacca is probably Southeast Asia’s most culturally diverse yet harmonious city.

The unique characters of Malacca are attributed to the ethnicities that have long existed among the local community. Malays, Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indians, Baba Nyonya (Peranakan), Kristang (mixed Portuguese and Asian ancestry), Chitty (Malaysian Tamil or the Indian Peranakans) and Eurasians are important ethnic groups living in the State of Malacca up to the present day. Malacca is placed on a highly strategic location for international trade routes and was once known as a trade center in the East, welcoming traders from Arabia, China and India that bore descendants and tribes of present Malaccans. 

Have your itinerary ready and explore the UNESCO world heritage site from the bank of the Malacca River where the iconic crimson Red Square stands. There you will be greeted with Dutch-influenced landmarks, Christ Church and The Old Town Hall. Hop on one of the outrageously adorned trishaws for a leisure ride along the narrow streets, and make pit stops along the away to savor the eclectic cultural wonders Malacca has to offer. 

Another way to enjoy the scenery of the historic town is from a river cruise. Make sure to pick the late ones to avoid the heat and catch the skies as they change color at dust and the town’s monuments slowly light up. Pick a cozy eatery along the river for a tasty Peranakan meal and cold drinks, or hip cafes that nestle in historic buildings all over town. Shop for affordable colorful souvenirs, clothes and trinkets in the many night markets that are set up cross town throughout the week. 

Malacca can easily be a day trip, but an overnight stay is double the indulgence! There is an extensive selection of stylish accommodations in prime areas to choose from. Many come with luxurious amenities, rooftop bars with scenic view of the river and even free guided city tour.