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Coffee with scaly friends

Enjoy your coffee in the company of friendly iguana, pythons and tarantulas in the heart of Phnom Penh

If you’ve been to enough cat cafes, maybe it’s time to graduate to one with the cold and scaly? Adventurous travelers are in love with Reptile Café in downtown Phnom Penh, one of the very few of its kind in Asia, that is earning global skin-crawling reputation for offering delectable drinks along with the company of reptiles. 

Thrill-seekers that wouldn’t pass on a selfie opportunity with the slithering and crawly bunch are welcome to choose their coffee drinking companions, from pythons and iguanas to scorpions, tarantulas and the exotic giant red cockroach, which are kept humanly in lit up glass tanks that line up the walls 

If snakes and spiders are a little too intimidating, Reptile Café also keeps beetles, locusts as well as tortoise and colorful parrots that can join you at your table. There are more than 20 spices of animals to choose from, along with a full menu of food, hot and cold drinks as well as coffee and sweets. Animal rights advocates can rest assured that the animals are all human-bred and are not taken from the wild. 

Launched in 2018 by Cambodian reptile loving entrepreneur Chea Raty, the café is meant to show how these perceived scary and ferocious animals can be a pleasant company to have around, and that they too have fun personalities and quirks just as the cute and the fluffy do. So, if you happen to pass through Cambodia’s capital, make sure to drop by and make yourself some new friends.