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Citation Bravo

The Cessna Citation Bravo is a fuel efficient light jet able to perform trips like Bangkok to Chennai non-stop. Outperforming its predecessor with climb, cruise and altitude speed, whilst possessing excellent short-runway capabilities, this extremely versatile jet is able to take you to a large number of airports not accessible by many aircraft with ease. Notwithstanding its performance, the Citation Bravo manages to accommodate up to 7 passengers comfortably. It is complete with amenities including: power sockets, stowable work-tables, on-board monitors, hot & cold refreshments center as well as having numerous baggage compartments. It truly epitomizes the balance between cost and performance.


  • Model Class

  • Model Class Light Jet
  • Model Year 1996-2006
  • Manufacturer Cessna
  • Year of Refurbishment
  • Maximum Flight Time

  • Maximum Flight Time 4 hrs
  • Service Altitude nm
  • Maximum Altitude 25.2 Ft
  • Economy Cruising Speed 393 kts
  • Maximum Cruising Speed 402 kts
  • Normal Range 1,495 nm
  • Maximum Range 1,744 nm
  • Cabin Zone

  • Cabin Zone
  • Cabin Length 16 Ft
  • Cabin Width 4.1 Ft
  • Cabin Height 4.8 Ft
  • Bed Capacity

  • Bed Capacity 3 beds
  • Lavarory 1 room
  • Baggage Capacity

  • Baggage Capacity 73 Cu. Feet
  • Fuel Capacity nm
  • Golf Bag

  • Golf Bag 0 cases
  • Hand Luggage 4 cases
  • Large Luggage 3 cases
  • Captain

  • Captain 2
  • Flight Attendant 1


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