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Gulfsteam G200

The G200 has a maximum cruise speed of 566 knots, a ceiling of 45,000 feet, and a claimed 3,400-nautical-mile range with four passengers at 533 knots. Theoretically, that means nonstop trips from Los Angeles to Caracas, Seoul to Singapore, Berlin to Delhi, and Detroit to London. The maximum payload with full fuel is only 650 pounds.

Turning to the cockpit, avionics are built around the digital, five-screen Collins Pro Line 4 system. Power comes from a pair of Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306A engines rated at 6,040 pounds of thrust each that delivers good fuel economy for an aircraft in this category. The engines are a variant of the PW305, which powers the smaller Learjet 60 and Hawker 1000. Autothrottles became an option in 2004.


  • Model Class

  • Model Class Business Jet
  • Model Year 2011
  • Manufacturer Gulfsteam
  • Year of Refurbishment
  • Maximum Flight Time

  • Maximum Flight Time 5.5 hrs
  • Service Altitude 45,000 Ft
  • Maximum Altitude 45,000 Ft
  • Economy Cruising Speed 459 kts
  • Maximum Cruising Speed 470 kts
  • Normal Range 3,130 nm
  • Maximum Range 3,530 nm
  • Cabin Zone

  • Cabin Zone
  • Cabin Length 27.4 Ft
  • Cabin Width 7.2 hrs
  • Cabin Height 6.3 Ft
  • Bed Capacity

  • Bed Capacity 2 beds
  • Lavarory 1 room
  • Baggage Capacity

  • Baggage Capacity 125 Cu. Feet
  • Fuel Capacity 15,000 Lb
  • Golf Bag

  • Golf Bag 4 bags
  • Hand Luggage cases
  • Large Luggage 10 bags
  • Captain

  • Captain 2
  • Flight Attendant


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