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Central known as the Central Business Hub of Hong Kong.  Many multinational financial services corporations have set up their headquarters in this area. Another interesting fact is the cultural sight-seeing in Central district – places such as The Peak, Central Market and PMQ.  You will discover another side of Central and know more about Hong Kong.

 The Peak is the most famous sight-seeing spot in Hong Kong. Best way to get there is through the peak tram; a funicular railway which carries both tourist and residents to the Victoria peak. On the other hand, you may also walk up to the Peak with friends to have a hiking experience. When you arrive at the Peak, it offers the good views over the harbour and the skyscrapers of Hong Kong- famous buildings standing in Central such as, HSBC, Bank of China, IFC, etc. It is a must-take-photo spot.


If you want to get some grabs!  you must try the Bubba Gump Restaurant at the Peak. The theme of the restaurant is based on the famous movie, Forrest Gump in 1994.


The Shrimps are a must try item!




The Next Stop is at Central Market which has been renovated to showcase the traditional decorations. This place is a traditional Chinese market selling local products related with the long history of Chinese Culture. You should be ready with your camera and take photos to store good memories.




Lastly, the PMQ is the historic site of the old Hollywood road and Police Married Quarters, which is now a venue for Arts and Design in Hong Kong.  It is a stage for creative happenings and a place for creative lifestyle experiences. It showcases over 100 fashion, design, and homewares store plus excellent Restaurants.


A trip to central, besides financial district, it is also a cultural and historical icon.

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